Referee Training & Resources

Our club is proud of its referee development programme and we welcome anyone with an interest in learning. Our beginner referees range in age from 10 to adult and we offer  'on the job' referee training through our Primary schools competitions.

Pioneer Basketball Club has a strong history of creating some of the best basketball referees in New Zealand who are now refereeing at ANBL, NBL and WNBL competitions. With the increase of basketball participation we need more referees, who are the most important part of a fair and consistent game.

This year we have Paula Wilkinson and Carol Bathurst as part of our team. They will be working with referees on the court as well as offering feedback and formal courses. We are excited and thankful to have these legends on board. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Contact the club at if you are interested in becoming a referee.​​​​​​​


Pioneer Referee Manual

Officals Code of Conduct

Pioneer Referee Feeback Form - Level 1

Pioneer Referee Feedback Form Explained

Why become a referee?

  • Basketball needs you! – basketball is the most popular secondary school sport in Canterbury! Be apart of this continued growth

  • Fun and Social – a great chance to meet new friends. During breaks between games you have a chance to hang out and get to know one another

  • Great support and camaraderie – every competition night a referee trainer and Pioneer floor controller will be around to support you

  • Personal development – helps to develop personal skills that are of value in all walks of life (confidence, communication, motivation, ambition etc)

  • Develop your basketball knowledge – As a player or supporter you may of wondered why some calls were and weren’t made. As a referee, you will learn the rules and gain a better understanding

  • Career pathway – refereeing can offer a longer career than playing. After refereeing there are opportunities in referee management, assessors and educators

  • Doing something for the community – you are helping the future of many young kids by learning life skills and keeping active

  • Keep fit and active – after running lengths of the court, it's a great way to keep fit!

  • Challenge – refereeing will be challenging. There is no such thing as a ‘perfect ref’s game’! But refereeing comes with many personal rewards and fulfilment

  • Earn some money – depending on your age and level of experience, referees will either start as a volunteer or $3 per game, depending on your development this amount can increase

  • Multiple Opportunities – we need referees every term throughout the year. A variety of refereeing is available from Miniball, Primary Winter Competition, Pacers League to Swish (Women’s League) depending on your ability